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Visit lisbon in three days

The best of Lisbon in three days

We gather the best in lisbon, so you can enjoy every moment of your stay. You only have three days to get to know Lisbon? So get ready to walk, relax, have fun and discover what Lisbon has to offer! For those who visit the Portuguese capital and have a few days, the best is to choose a central region to stay, such as Baixa, Chiado and Rossio, which are places with easy access to public transport, such as: tram, metro, bus and train.

On the first day

You can start by getting to know the central region of the capital, taking the opportunity to explore a little more of Portuguese history by visiting museums, palaces, castles or monuments. In the lunch break you can try a typical Portuguese food, we leave the suggestion: our stew, cod, sardines, among others. Once you've surrendered to Portuguese cuisine, you can enjoy the viewpoints and the diverse landscapes that Lisbon has to offer! To end the day you can take a beautiful boat ride on the Tejo River, enjoy the wonderful sunset and take pictures, enjoy dinner in one of our best restaurants.

In the second day

After a first day full of adventure, why not take the second day to relax? You can do it by enjoying the Cascais area and one of our best beaches. After a morning well spent on the beach, you can have lunch in one of the restaurants by the sea. In the afternoon to continue to relax, enjoy a beautiful horse ride, it will certainly be a stunning ride! Then for an incredible dining experience we recommend one of our bars with live music, excellent food and great cocktails!

On the third day

If you have children, why not start the day getting to know our animals at the zoo? Afterwards, a pleasant lunch in the company of different species of animals, enjoy the afternoon watching the dolphin show and on your way back stop to taste our famous Pastéis de Belém ! In Belém you can visit Monuments the Discoveries Pattern, the Belém Tower and take some pictures at sunset at the champalimaund foundation. Then for dinner you can stroll through the amazing Estoril or Oriente and enjoy a fantastic gaming night at the casino!


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